Cobra 2-Belt System -- Black

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This belt is designed for maximum rigidity to support a full mission-driven kit. PLEASE NOTE: THIS BELT IS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE IN BLACK.
  • 2 layers of proprietary 1-1/2" webbing allows for a low-profile belt capable of carrying a full set-up with mission-essential gear.
  • High density polyethylene (HDPE) stiffener stitched into the belt, adding to the load-bearing capabilities.
  • Fully lined primary belt locks onto the under belt via hook-and-loop fastener. Under belt is worn through the belt loops of your trousers.
  • Keep your gear positioned on the primary belt and don your kit in seconds.
The original set-up was deployed overseas where the operators were carrying a primary handgun, backup handgun, two full-size pistol magazines, an M4 magazine, and medical kit all in a concealed manor.

Our proprietary design uses 1-1/2" webbing that doesn't warp or stretch, and allows the top of the carry handgun to pull in close to your side for better concealment.

Your belt size is NOT the same as the waist size on your jeans.  
If you order your jean waist size, your  belt will be too small! 
I cannot accept returns on belts, so please make sure you provide an accurate measurement. 
The best way to determine your belt size is to measure a belt you currently use. Lay the belt out flat, and measure from the tip of the buckle tongue to the hole you use most often. Round up to the nearest inch, and that number is your belt size. 
In the event you don't have a belt to measure from, you can measure your waist with a tailor's measuring tape. Run it through the belt loops in your pants, and round up to the nearest inch.

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